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Kyusho Self Protection for Women
Kyusho Self Protection for Women Let\'s face it the martial arts are filled with Women\'s self- defense programs, which the name alone is a recipe for failure. The term "Self Defense" has a negative connotation that from the start can yield failure for the user. The problem is that this label already portrays in the mindset that the individual is a victim of a violent act or aggression and that the practitioner should perform a defensive action. This premise of acting after the fact is why most people succumb to the aggressors\' actions and never fully recover from the initial attack or fear inducing situation. If a Woman thinks or takes a defensive mentality or action based training, they open the door for many problems in an altercation with a predatory and aggressive societal deviant. In taking the defense, they are allowing the attacker to initiate and build momentum in their attack. Being the typically smaller, weaker and less aggressive type, the female is now at an even greater disadvantage as the mindset actions and aggressiveness were not intercepted and allowed to gain. The Woman must not become defensive; she must be aware of her situation and not dismiss or ignore possible threat, she must become proactive and gain the initiative and momentum while manipulating the attackers\' mindset to have a possibility of advantage. This opposite approach is actually a safer method and mechanism of prevention and protection. First she must become situationally aware and her attitude must become proactive or offensive as this will determine her ability and safety. This is a "Vital Point" in protection, being properly prepared for any eventuality with a honed mindset, targets and tools. The training must encompass far more than simple "techniques", they must be reflexive, adaptable, spontaneous and possible under the effects of adrenaline rush during severe stress and emergency. Even beyond these limitations are inborn limitations that must also be addressed for the us...
Martial Arts Magazine, Combat and Self Defense Budo International
Martial Arts Magazine, Combat and Self Defense Budo International UNITY. THE MARTIAL ARTS ON A COMMON FRONT "When we make the adversary our objective we ourselves become the enemy." All is One and manifests itself differentiated, so reads the first law of the Universe. The principle of unity isn\'t separate from the martial philosophies and their culture, however, its practical application in our collective is still a dream today. The Martial Arts form a group of titanic proportions if taken together. Separately, even the biggest organizations poorly compete with any other mass activity. On the other hand, the differentiation generates an unquestionable wealth in form and content. Now that the singular way of thinking and the globalization rolling pin put everything under their crushing politics on equal terms (to equate by the minimums), discoving that in our profession no year passes in which styles (new or traditional) of great interest flower never ceases to be magnificent news. The MA are alive, they regenerate themselves, interact, combine, stimulate, and contrast. Even the competition between styles hasn\'t stopped being a healthy stimulus, while we won\'t forget that we all navigate on a common ship, and that it isn\'t at the cost of our neighbor that our style will grow and attain greater diffusion, but for the adequate display and demonstration of its virtues, for work well done, honest and generous. But when we make the adversary our objective, we ourselves become the enemy. Fortunately, they are less and less, but there are still dinosaurs that practice the old politics of attacking other styles, of looking down on them, of making their lives as impossible as they are able to. This is a stupid attitude, like that of throwing stones at one\'s own house, but they, in their small-time mentality, or in their exclusive fundamentalism, shield themselves in old prerogatives empty of any real value in order to undertake their misdeeds. Of course, these patheti...
IP MAN Wing Chun DVD Kung Fu
IP MAN Wing Chun Last December 24, 2016 it was released in Asia "Ip Man 3"; a few days later, in January, it arrived in US theaters on a limited basis. Again, and like the preceding installments, the film was directed by Wilson Yip Wai-Shun and starred by Donnie Yen. Production has been sheltered by an excellent cast of actors and stuntmen, including most notably Mike Tyson, who broke a finger during filming; Danny Chan, who plays Bruce Lee, a role that is familiar because he embodied the king of Martial Arts in the series "The Legend of Bruce Lee" (2008) and he also mimicked him in "Shaolin Soccer"; Liang Chia-Jen, well known to Hong Kong movie lovers with 139 films in his filmography; Kent Cheng with 132 films and Max Zheng ("The Grandmaster"), among others. The choreography has been done by the possibly best choreographer of Hong Kong, Yuen Woo-ping, who rocketed Jackie Chan to fame with "Snake in the Eagle\'s Shadow" and "Drunken Master in the Eye of the Tiger", and recognized worldwide for his work in the saga of "Matrix" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Given the attention that the film is awakening everywhere, and the interest itself of Grandmaster Ip Man\'s life story, Budo International brings you this month a biographical article on this extraordinary Sifu. Under his unmistakable look of amiable old man, always smiling, tall, thin and bald, hides an extraordinary man whose legendary biography has enshrined him as one of the "immortals" of the Martial Arts. Most people know him as "the master of Bruce Lee", but Yip Man was much more than that. He was an exceptional martial artist, master of masters and, indisputably, the diffuser of Wing Chun at a global level. The figure of Yip Man (Ye Wen Ip Man &) is unquestionable. The master wouldn\'t enjoy the international projection that currently has if not for the fact that he was Bruce Lee\'s master and mentor. Despite what has been written and disseminated, Bruce Lee was just "one more student\'s...
Systema Russian Martial Art "Sibirskiy Viun". Dmitry Skogorev
Systema Russian Martial Art "Sibirskiy Viun". The Martial Art that changes lives Dmitry Skogorev Russian fight is not as common as karate Taekwondo or wushu. But this old Slavic tradition was practiced in Russia for a long time. On their Head of School of Russian fight "Sibirskiy Viun" (RMA System SV) Dmitry Skogorev spoke with us about some interesting points regarding this peculiar style of fighting.   B.I.: What is special about Russian unarmed combat ? D.S.: Its peculiarity is that it is based on the traditions of Russian martial art that includes many aspects. And it\'s not just the military aspects, but also those that are associated with the traditions of fisticuffs, stenoshnogo fight (when fighting "wall to wall"), game elements. We are accustomed to thinking of it as a popular game, but it was a long time yet and training militias to future service and defense of their homeland. This cane fights, different directions of struggle and the actual art of war: The ability to wield the blade, knife, firearm and all this training has long been built up since the early years can participate in the games children, teenagers, boys and then to men . We do not know his story, and so rarely hear about Russian battle. Much more is known, advertised, largely thanks to the movie, oriental martial arts. But fighting traditions were in every nation and Russian is no exception. Another problem is that not enough information is extant documented. We can only assume, based on folklore, as it looked, but can hardly speak of a complete identity that we reproduce. Although folklore, ritual games a lot of information about traditional Russian martial art. And since it is inextricably with folklore, the study is inextricably with the understanding not only of how to protect themselves, but also its history, a kind of its roots. Therefore, we study in the classroom and struggle, and philosophical aspects of martial arts and the history of the Russian people. An...
Combat Hapkido. Tactical Pressure Points
Combat Hapkido. Tactical Pressure Points The Science of Self Defense in 60 minutes By Master Mark S. Gridley The title of this article is a challenge exercise for any self-defense instructor or practitioner to help focus on what they feel matters most. The following outline and topics are not absolute and represent my opinion based on over 25 years of experience. I encourage you to create your own lesson plan and test it by putting it into action. It should be obvious that learning and developing proficiency in self-defense cannot be accomplished in just 60 minutes. Many readers have dedicated decades of study, practice and experience to this area and I do not mean to dilute the absolute necessity for practice, dedication, and lifelong study. However, what if you only had a few minutes to teach someone with limited to no experience how to defend themselves or protect their loved ones? What would you share with them? What do you think would be crucial and effective? My hope is that these questions will stimulate your thoughts and creativity. It was a question I heard during a seminar while teaching a double impact seminar with GM Pellegrini, our founder of Combat Hapkido . I thought it was brilliant of the student to inquire “What if you only had 10 minutes to teach someone self-defense?” The answer I thought of was the warrior’s mindset and a very limited number of targets (tactical pressure points) to create injury that would stop the attack and provide the opportunity to escape. Yet, that question wasn’t completely answered in my mind and left me thinking for several days on what is a better response. I took some creative license with the question and decided we needed at least an hour. Of course your lesson will be suited to your student not the other way round. It is important to know who you are training and start with scenarios they are concerned about first before forcing your agenda, even if you do know best. Thi...