Okichitaw Tomahawk Indigenous Combat Art
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Okichitaw Tomahawk Indigenous Combat Art

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In this second instructional work, Chief George E. Lepine, Chief Instructor of Okichitaw Indigenous Combat Arts, introduces us to one of the most prized weapons among warriors, the "Chikuna-Kinas," or Fighting Tomahawk, an instrument that history has placed in our minds as aggressive and ruthless. In the possession of a skilled Indian warrior, the Tomahawk was considered a very convincing weapon in any close combat. In most combative actions, the application of a simple swing and strike with a Tomahawk against an adversary is anything but a simple task to complete without utilizing the guerrilla application of surprise. In Okichitaw, there are several practices and applications of the use of the Tomahawk in battle, not only from an offensive application, but also from a defensive perspective. In this video Chief Lepine explains in detail the basic working concepts with the Tomahawk, training, throwing, the 20 movements, combined handling with knife, defense and attack applications, and counter techniques against attacks with Tomahawk or other weapons. With this work, Okichitaw continues to honour indigenous traditions by training in the use of the fighting Tomahawk which ensures that not only this knowledge remains, but that we continue to move in the same way that our ancestors once did. 38 min.

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