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DVD Self Defense

DVD Self Defense, Professional, Police, Military and Civilian, Women's Self Defense, Krav Maga, Israeli systems and styles, Bodyguard, defense against knife, Russian Systema, SOG, SWAT, Reality Based, Police Weapons, Tonfa, PR-24 Police Baton, telescopic Baton, Professional Self Defense, hidden weapons. Techniques, concepts, tricks, training and realistic applications for self defense, for martial artists, students, practitioners and civilians. With a wide selection of many of the most prominent teachers and instructors of self defense systems: D. Skogorev, Evan Pantazi, Alain Cohen, O. Pierfederici, Itay Gil, Moni Aizik, Dave Gould, Avi Nardia, Don Wilson, Jim Wagner, Jacques Levinet, Thierry Delhief, Cynthia Rothrock, Marco Morabito, Peter Weckauf, José Luis Montes, Juan Díaz, Chris St. Jacques.