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    What happens when two people practice Chi-Sao, what is the meaning of their practice and what the objectives? In this 3rd DVD, "Chi Sao from the base to an advanced level," Sifu Salvador Sánchez addresses perhaps the most important aspect of Wing Chun: Chi-Sao, the soul of the system itself, ...

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    The main emphasis of training with an edged weapon is knowing and understanding all the dangers associated with this type of weapon. All the “What if’s”, and “Yeah buts”, are all great for trial and error, and assuming predictability. The serious danger of edge weapons ...

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    This First Aid DVD is critical information for Kyusho as well as all Martial Arts practitioners, that eventually will encounter a situation that requires during training. In every school where sparring and hard contact fighting takes place there are students and instructors who have suffered injurie ...

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    Master Shaolin Shi Yanti is a monk of the 34th generation of the Songshan Shaolin Temple and a direct disciple of Venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin. In this his first work for Budo International, he presents the Luohan Shibashou, one of the older and most representative basic forms of empty hand of the S ...

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Martial Arts Magazine, Combat and Self Defense Budo International UNITY. THE MARTIAL ARTS ON A COMMON FRONT "When we make the adversary our objective we ourselves become the enemy." All is One and manifests itself differentiated, so reads the first law of the Universe. The principle of unity isn\'t separate from the martial philosophies and their culture, however, its practical application in our collective is still a dream today. The Martial Arts form a group of titanic proportions if taken together. Separately, even the biggest organizations poorly compete with any other mass...
IP MAN Wing Chun DVD Kung Fu
IP MAN Wing Chun Last December 24, 2016 it was released in Asia "Ip Man 3"; a few days later, in January, it arrived in US theaters on a limited basis. Again, and like the preceding installments, the film was directed by Wilson Yip Wai-Shun and starred by Donnie Yen. Production has been sheltered by an excellent cast of actors and stuntmen, including most notably Mike Tyson, who broke a finger during filming; Danny Chan, who plays Bruce Lee, a role that is familiar because he embodied the king of Martial Arts in the series "The Legend of Bruce Lee" (2008) and he also mimicked him...
Systema Russian Martial Art "Sibirskiy Viun". Dmitry Skogorev
Systema Russian Martial Art "Sibirskiy Viun". The Martial Art that changes lives Dmitry Skogorev Russian fight is not as common as karate Taekwondo or wushu. But this old Slavic tradition was practiced in Russia for a long time. On their Head of School of Russian fight "Sibirskiy Viun" (RMA System SV) Dmitry Skogorev spoke with us about some interesting points regarding this peculiar style of fighting.   B.I.: What is special about Russian unarmed combat ? D.S.: Its peculiarity is that it is based on the traditions of Russian martial art that includes many asp...
Combat Hapkido. Tactical Pressure Points
Combat Hapkido. Tactical Pressure Points The Science of Self Defense in 60 minutes By Master Mark S. Gridley The title of this article is a challenge exercise for any self-defense instructor or practitioner to help focus on what they feel matters most. The following outline and topics are not absolute and represent my opinion based on over 25 years of experience. I encourage you to create your own lesson plan and test it by putting it into action. It should be obvious that learning and developing proficiency in self-defense cannot be accomplished in just 60 minutes...