Download Kyusho Jitsu DVD video. Pressure Points

Kyusho Jitsu - Pressure points

Download videos Kyusho Jitsu, Pressure Points A complete instructional series on the application of pressure points to martial arts and self defence, regardless of the style you practice, with the different programs and levels, for students, practitioners and competitors of any martial art. KO Energetic Transfer, Kyusho in Forms Siu Nim Tao, The Iron Shirt, Gock Ng Sing, Kyusho Top 10 Points, Compressions, The 6 Ji Hands, Seizing, First Aide, Kyusho in Taekwon Do, Self Protection for Women, Points on the Arms, Points on the Head, Points on the Body, Points on the Legs, Takedowns & Controls, Grappling Methods, Tuite Joint Locking, Knife Attacks, Kyusho Points for Sex Enhancement.