Martial Arts Striking Training Gear. Equipment Online Store


Striking targets for Martial Arts. Makiwara, Pao, striking and kicking shields, Makiwara wall mount, punchings bags, Wooden Dummies, breaking boards. - Shipping to all countries. Directly access the online store of our equipment & gear supplier Fuji Mae, and get a 5% DISCOUNT on all the products, by entering the code BUDOINT. CLICK HERE Protections for training and competition in Martial Arts (Helmets, shin guards, gloves, mittens, breastplates, mouth protections, etc ..., Tatamis with and without lining of foam and PVC, Material and machinery for muscular development (ballasts, Weightlifting, Tensioners, Kettlebell, Jump Ropes, Force-Opening-Bars, ...), Accessories (Decoration, Arbitration and Equipment, Figures and Weapons, Sports Bags, Trunks, Towels, Badges and Keychains, ...)

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