e-Book A garden is just a "until when". English
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eBook A garden is just a "until when". English

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Reading, discerning and waking up “Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents”. Arthur Schopenhauer “Books are like mirrors: if a fool looks in, you cannot expect a genius to look out”. J. K. Rowling “Reading without thinking gives one a disorderly mind; thinking without reading makes one unbalanced”. Confucius “There are short books that, to understand them as they deserve, a very long life is needed”. Francisco de Quevedo One more year, attentive to this unshakeable appointment: a new book. And with it, a new opportunity to meet up with the most assiduous readers, who with philanthropic regularity, respond to this silent date with much more generosity than I ever expect. Thank you. Because reading is establishing a conversation, where the authors words find echo in the readers' own minds who, making them their own, without necessarily assuming their postulates, make them resonate in the silent exercise of study and reflection. Whether this is profitable or not, is something as particular as our own DNA, but that intimate contact in the distance, possesses a soft yet deep and strong force, capable of even changing our life and touching our heart. For the author everything is an emptying in the sharing, and in such an act, a rearrangement of what you didn't even know you knew, because as the saying goes, we only know something, when we are able to explain it. Reading is an indispensable exercise, we are sick of hearing it, as we are sick of seeing that it's a habit in extinction, a custom in free fall. People's minds, subject to the acceleration process of our days, are so much saturated that they prefer taking out rather than putting in; that is, taking out, even if the product of such elimination doesn't deserve by itself a second of anyone's attention. However, the background noise of the planetary verbiage, fills those tweeting messages, whose only true virtue, precisely their shortness, is more a gift to the empty authors of these messages, who generally proclaim their illiteracy, as well as the stupidity of their egomaniacal and simple contents. The much needed reflection, without time, becomes completely impossible, because it's compressed, harassed by multiple circumstances which we cannot ignore, and which all respond to a very particular energetic climatology, in which Fire energy explodes and camps rampant. Everything seems to conspire against the lack of time, because everything is responding to that general tendency of this planetary phase. Therefore, each symptom framed in this panorama becomes more and more understandable, but no less intense, thus forcing a functional autism in most citizens. There is little time (the new currency) and for that reason big companies, banks and corporations, have decided that we work for them for free, how? Simply by forcing us, in a surreptitious manner at times, shamelessly at other times, to put our time at their disposal: Make your reservation on-line! Make the transfer on-line! I challenge you all to calculate how many hours of work, before in the hands of third parties, you do today for them. A new silent slavery monopolizes our reality: engulf the time of others. Years ago, making this magazine involved the contest of a number of technicians, specialists and even artisans, a work that thanks to the Macintosh in front of which I am sitting, I am able to do myself, almost all alone. All these specialists became expendable, certainly, but I did not win any freedom, because every time I must dedicate more hours to conclude aspects of a job that before others made for me. None of us is free from the consequences of this scenario, where reflection, scarce as it might be, becomes a weapon now indispensable for navigating these tortuous and crowded times. It is at this point where I, involved observer and participant of my own time, sit in front of the blank screen sheet and let my clumsy fingers flow over the keyboard, so as to see where my feelings and reflections take me... and every day, with equal surprise, something does come out! The result ... Once again you have it in your hands! (or on your screen) ... My request: Be as benevolent with this author as implacable with the enemies of your personal and own sanity, freedom and consciousness, those who stalk us all, dancing with impunity everywhere, and in addition, most of times going unnoticed. Giving them a name and pointing them out with your finger, apart from being aware of that, is an exercise that is not within everyones reach and it won't change their presence, I know, but saying that the king, like in the tale, walks naked, has the ineffable power to ignite consciences in the dark. Candle to candle, the darkest of nights can become a radiant day, or at least, illuminate enough so that you do not stumble more than necessary with the next stone of this minefield. Now as before, true changes arise from the inside out, from the individual to the group, and from the spiritual to the material. That is why I tell you all: Do not faint, do not assume defeat; adverse conditions are only a stage proposal, but we play our role and write it day by day. Difficult times, paradoxically, can become the greatest of allies of those who wish to wake up, because no one has ever heard of great conquests while walking wrapped in the feathers of wellbeing; difficulty leads inexorably to ease, and vice versa. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy! But ultimately, it turns out that it is not impossible either. If the function of the warrior is therefore to fight, that of the wise, his only positive plausible alter ego, is to learn. Everyone does what they can! So here I leave this! Don't take it badly ... If the warriors function is to fight, then that of the wise, his only plausible alter-ego in positive, is to learn. Each one does what he can! So here I leave you this! Dont take it the wrong way... eBook in PDF-Format. English Language

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