eBook Surfing the Tsunami. English
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eBook Surfing the Tsunami. English

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Until a year ago… we still didn't know! We didn't know that step by step, life was about to provide us with the greatest opportunity for evolution! And in fact, day after day, the tsunami that flooded the world has cut us all away! Everything that apparently seemed fundamental to us. At first it seemed like a joke, just a bad dream, after a year, we begin to realize that it is happening "right in our life". But what is happening ... Alfredo Tucci with his book “Surfear el Tsunami” (Surfare lo Tsunami) explains it to us extensively, albeit always leaving that necessary space for curiosity, which serves to keep the attention high. Alfredo Tucci is an artist of life, always willing to get involved in noble causes, especially when it comes to great revolutions. With his pen, the expression of his irreducible research spirit, he has fought numerous battles. His creature, Budo International, has reached the farthest countries, has spoken in all the languages that are common to us, and now also in Russian, Chinese and Japanese (beyond the Tsunami...). Alfredo Tucci has bewitched generations of combat fans with his visual and content abilities. The greatest Martial Arts masters in the world have been his guests and all of them got inevitably impressed by the power of his intellect, always "sharp as a katana". Today, this refined and subtle quality becomes a fundamental instrument for riding on the tsunami that has swept over us. Let's turn down the volume of "wailing", of "useless chatter", we need to listen to our inner silence. We have an urgent need to open the doors to a spiritual path that, starting from our "inner disarmament", sinks its roots in our tenacity of living and is nourished by our courage to throw ourselves into the void. Alfredo Tucci, once again, enters the game and invites us to a spiritual Falling Step that, through magical thinking, takes us to the development of awareness of who we are today! It's the right time to learn to listen our whispering cells rushing to achieve some performance. It's the perfect moment to give our cells time to harmonize their vibration with the sound of the universe and to let everything flow by giving up the habit of predicting the outcome. At the same time, as we acquire the necessary skills to let our energy flow and dance with the universe, we must keep firm and deep our roots which, far from being fixed, must continually keep us in balance in our small raft among the sea waves. But once is not enough, for before a wave ends up, another one is being prepared. It's life itself, we discover today that it's made by continuous waves, like the lunar cycle, behind the light there is always darkness. It is a necessary path ... and finally we discover that this is the game.... Surfing life is like dancing it... Sometimes it will hurt, but cheer up, it's the moment when you are offered the opportunity to let yourself go ...to dive beyond... And when you dive, it’s always better to do it with joy and healthy recklessness... like a child. I realize that the proposal of such a path could annihilate the doubt that it is better to stay in your comfort zone. But I can't, it's not in my spirit; I join Alfredo’s invitation, sharing in full spaces of light and shadows, aware of the fact that "the best of me is when I know nothing and I make I don't know what" (Clarice Lispector). Dr. Rosa Maria Distefano. 132 pages.

eBook in PDF-Format. English Language


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