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Shaolin Secret Techniques Jin Gang Ba Shi


Bruno Tombolato


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Master Bruno Tombolato (Shi Xing Jing), a disciple of the 32nd generation of the Shaolin Temple of Songshab, presents us on this occasion one of the most characteristic forms of the traditional Shaolin Qun. The practice of Jin Gang Ba Shi embodies the spirit of Martial Arts, always marching forward, fearless and brave. Jin Gang means that we must exercise our mind and body through practice, with the purpose of developing a strong physique and an iron will. It is characterized by having open and closed movements of contraction and expansion, externally demonstrating strength and explosiveness; within stillness, it is fast and fierce, imposing. Its practice requires guiding the movements of the body through internal thoughts and paying attention to the unification of body and mind. We will study the basic positions, the 8 techniques that make up the Jing Gang Ba Shi, the Taolu form, the transitions and the different practical applications in combat of each technique. 52 Min.

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