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Kyusho Tang Soo Do Connection 3. Pyung Ahn Pinan Kata 3


Mark Kline


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GM Mark Kline addresses in this series of 5 videos the connection between the Kyusho and the Tang Soo Do, analyzing the applications of the 5 Pyung-An (Pinan Kata) of this Korean art. Each Kata "hides" different teachings and not only the using of pressure points (and therefore the correct techniques, the right weapons and the exact angles to reach them); Kata forms also teach us how to move, how to use the energy and the sounds (Kiai), and even how to position ourselves. It's commonly said that Kata movements are defenses or blocks, and counterattacks, but in reality they're only efficient personal defense techniques with attacks on vital points, that is, ways and possibilities to neutralize an aggressor by acting on pressure points, often with deadly results. By working in Kyusho, we will act on the opponent's neurological system, which allows us to avoid causing serious damage to the attacker, since the legal aspect shouldn't be underestimated. In each volume, GM Kline analyzes 10 techniques by Kata, in order to give a general idea of how to work the Kata Bunkai, giving a starting point and tackling the techniques that better distinguish each Kata.
Vol.3 Pyung-An / Pinan Kata 3. Lenght:. 59 min.
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