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DVD Kyusho & Pencak Silat

Gianluca Frisan


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Master Gianluca Frisan presents a unique project dedicated to Pencak Silat and Kyusho, in collaboration with one of the greatest exponents of this Indonesian art, Mas Denis Brecevaz. Both teachers present the essence of the "Bela Diri" martial aspect of the Nusantara style, and analyze the way in which traditional warfare techniques hide Kyusho's attacks to the neurological and vascular system. Kyusho is the "Turbo" of every technique, it's that which can exponentially increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our action. Just as the turbo for the engine is part of a more complex and complete system, Kyusho is part of any Martial Art, and although it cannot replace the practitioner's technical skill, it can nevertheless integrate it. You will find detailed information on various Kyusho pressure points, with references to the anatomy of the arms, head, trunk and legs. Information on the correct location, and the principles that you must know so as to achieve predictable reactions and be able to place yourself in a clear advantage against the aggressor. A first introductory and fundamental DVD to understand the integration and the perfect fusion between arts normally taught separately, but which are actually two sides of one coin. 54 Min.

 - Languages included : English, Español, Italiano, Français

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