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DVD Kyusho 2, Close Encounter

Gianluca Frisan


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Kyusho is the highest level of expression of any Martial Art. In this second work, we will analyze our basic strategy ... closing the distance, breaking the structure and neutralizing the aggressor as quickly as possible. To do this, we will avail ourselves of everything that can give us an advantage, and among the best tools at our disposal, we want to use the Kyusho! We will always do this following the principles of our school, Kaizen Martial Arts Italy, using our knowledge of the human body reactions, predictable reactions as autonomous responses, caused by the Kyusho attacks in the neurological system or the vascular system, and we will do it by turning around the circle of Kaizen, composed of questions, problems, answers, solutions and verifications to improve continuously. 68 Min.

 - Languages included : Español, Italiano, Français

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