E-bunto, At the verge of the Invisible. English
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eBook E-bunto, At the verge of the Invisible. English

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E-bunto: The Japanese Shamanism from Shizen Culture.

I could have chosen to write about e-bunto in the first person, building the narrative as Carlos Castaneda has done, based on the adventures and fantastic experiences that have led me to discover this wonderful and almost extinct tradition. I think that the reader of this book would have been grateful, because the outcome would have been a lot more colorful, amusing and surprising. I do not discard writing such a book in the future, however I did not want to be in the spotlight when the focus needs to be entirely on the subject of Ebunto; and in this way to uphold the traditions and knowledge which otherwise could be on their way to extinction. It is with deep appreciation and awe regarding the Masters of the past that I write this book. But I also want to extend my gratitude towards the ones who practice these traditions today and for those who will also learn to benefit from this knowledge by raising their consciousness and plunging deeper into unraveling the mystery that surrounds us. Life and consciousness are forms of miracles in our world. However, to live life without awareness, in other words, to go through life breathing, eating, defecating, procreating (or simply having fun trying it!) and to eventually die, none of these acts carry any special virtue if done without awareness or consciousness. When life and by extension the Universe is seen in a purely materialistic light, this generates a tendency for many people to think that everything is a result of fortunate or evil randomness. Most people today accept and are satisfied with this interpretation of the Universe that they cannot control. I believe that it is a sad way to see the world and in fact most of the people who share this vision are frequently unhappy. If anything, this malaise felt by people should motivate them to reflect deeper on these matters. My father used to say that if thieves knew about the advantages of being honest, they would be so if only just for convenience sake. I think that the same is true for those who hide their fears of the unknown behind a completely materialistic vision of the Universe. Fortunately an unexpected ally has emerged in recent times and has helped shatter the imposition that comes from the dualistic foolishness and materialistic “monotheism”: science.

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