e-Book Kyusho Vital Points First Aide. English
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eBook Kyusho Vital Points First Aide. English

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As we have documented over the past 6 years, Kyusho translates as "Vital Point" and is a study of the human condition and it's frailties. Although similar in appearance to the ancient acupuncture and pressure point massage methods, the Kyusho method can also deal with immediacy for certain trauma as well as easily rid the body of common ailments. Within seconds we canm begin to relax and ease the pain associated with headaches, backaches, muscle and internal cramps, hiccups, asthma, nausea, sinus congestion and so many more common maladies both of natural causes as well as trauma inflicted. This is all performed quickly and efficiently without expensive pills or drugs that can take 20 minutes or more to work or have serious side effects on other organs or body functions. The ramifications are enormous and we believe to be of such worth for continued research and societal benefit. This type of holistic approach has been effective for many thousands of years in cultures throughout the world and we have added even more possibility and purpose to it for you. Once you learn these simple methods of Kyusho First Aide, you too can help your family and friends with many of these common ailments we each suffer through. Let this serve as an historical record of how these methods developed and the other health possibilities they hold for day-to-day living. However it is not the full curriculum, as one would expect, the depth and intricacies can only be conveyed with hands on application and practice under the watchful eye of an instructor. The consistent practice of these methods will not only increase your abilities to relieve the practiced formulas, but also instruct you in the intuitive application of many other health issues. They should not be considered standalone formulas, but rather ways to correct certain problems within the human body based on the foundation presented.

eBook in PDF-Format. English Language

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