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e-Book Kyusho: Yoga of Energy Development. English


Evan Pantazi


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Humans have always searched for the answers for what makes them work and how to improve or enhance their personal beings. This started naturally in the physical realm and ascended to the spiritual.

The inner workings in Yoga are not always taught or understood, it was the quest to explain what this art (and science) does to the internal physiology and functionality of the human in relation to itself and the outer universe.

For the myriad of Yoga practioners, body workers and Martial Artists, I offer these insights into the Yoga postures (and art),but not exclusive to it. This information is also vital to the healing arts and the Kata of the Martial Artists as it is all the very same fabric we work.

I hope you enjoy the inner journey and ascention to greater awareness.

eBook in PDF-Format. English Language