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DVD Wing Chun International WCI

Master Cameron


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Wing Chun is a practical, realistic fighting system that anyone can learn to defend themselves on the streets. In order to stay at the cutting edge of martial arts it has to have evolved, otherwise people will question…does their Wing Chun really work?  Wing Chun International is different compared to 99.9% of the Wing Chun systems out there, and what makes WCI different is our ability to help make the average person able to defend themselves in a very short period of time. When it comes to street self defence the number one concept we teach is "To avoid the Fight at all cost". However if attacked then "We MUST defend ourselves". Using posturing, understanding distance management and using verbal commands to deescalate the situation already gives them a 90% advantage over a non-trained fighter. Understanding that in order for someone to attack you they must get into striking range, while this might be scary it is better to hold them off at a distance and wait and continue to manage the distance, keeping them outside what we call the magnetic zone. Only when and if they do enter our magnetic zone (this is where they can strike us) we MUST now go on the attack and neutralize the situation. When it comes to learning our system we always teach the ideas through understanding the concepts and theories and how they are applied in a real-life situation and not drill for the sake of doing a fun drill. This takes us to another important point we teach all students, the 4 fighting principles: Manage the Distance, Control the Chaos, Strike Strategically, Survive Efficiently. The very thing that makes Wing Chun work is our greater understanding of the principles, ideas, concepts, mottos and fighting strategies that give us the edge within a street fight this has to be taught to beginners from the very start of their martial arts journey.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español

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