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TRU System Self Defense for Women


Trina Pellegrini


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Women are not only physically less powerful than men, but they are also conditioned since birth to be gentler, less aggressive and avoid activities, games and sports that are perceived as "violent" or mimic fighting. For us, self defense starts in our mind. We have to learn to give ourselves permission to fight back. For the longest time, we would hear "Just do what your attacker says, don't fight back and maybe he'll let you go".. Thankfully people have stopped saying that! Therefore, in creating my system of self-defense for women, I wanted to do more than just put together a syllabus of effective, no-nonsense, easy-to-learn techniques, I wanted to create a complete program that included other essential components: o Situational Awareness o Levels of Alert Conditioning o Improvised Weapons o Tactical Escapes o Confidence Building o Wellness & Fitness Information o Victim Assistance & Resources o Sources for Related Products & Services o Crime Statistics & Data That's why TRU ("Trained- Ready-Unafraid"), my system, was born. To EMPOWER women, to provide the tools needed to prevent or escape an attack or, if inevitable, to successfully fight back.  Surrendering to violence is never an option!!   

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