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Sviluppo Muscolare
Muscle & strenght development equipment and accessories for Martial Artists. Weights, weightlifting, jump ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, stretchers - Shipping to all countries.

Sviluppo Muscolare 


  • Pesi
    Ankle weights, wrist weights, ankle supports, writs supports & wristbands to enhance the strenght of wrists and feet. Martial Arts supplies & uniforms store - Shipping to all countries.
  • Bodybuilding Pesistica
    Weightlifting equipment for Martial Artists. Kettlebell, Dumbbells, vinyl dumbbells, Kettlebell, Weightlifting Belt, weightlifting gloves. Martial Arts Shop - Shipping to all countries.
  • Corde di Salto
    Wide selection of Jumping Ropes for Martial Arts, elastic, vinyl, stainless steel coated, nylon. Martial Arts Gear & Uniforms. Shipping to all countries - Shipping to all countries.
  • Bande di Resistenza
    Resistance Bands for Martial Arts, Boxing and Fitness strenght training. Elastic bands, with low medium high and extra resistance. Martial Arts Online Store - Shipping to all countries.
  • Potenza, Apertura, Barre
    Martial Arts Mechanical and Manual Leg Stretchers, extenders. Martial Arts Supplies, Uniforms & Weapons. Online Store. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Polsi e Maniglie Esercizi
    Hand grips and Magic Balls for strengthen fingers, hands and forearms of martial artists. Martial Arts Gear & Uniforms Store. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Palle Mediche Fitness
    Medicine Balls, Fitness Balls. Various weights up to 5 kg. Martial Arts Gear, Uniforms & Weapons online store. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Abbigliamento Dimagrante
    Slimming Clothes, sauna pants. Martial Arts Supplies, Uniforms & Weapons. Online Store Budo International. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Ginnastica, Massaggi,...
    Yoga Mat Purple, Tai Chi Ruler, Adjustable Hand Grip, Wing Chun Ring, Gymnastics, Massage and other items for Martial Arts training. Online equipment store - Shipping to all countries.