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Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak. Empty Hands


Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez


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Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak is a very brutal and devastating Art. The Arts concept its to dominate and take over battleground and space, fast dominating space and engulfing opponents to prevent them from being able to use their weapons or body. Once space is acquired, the base and angle are taken to control opponents rotation or projection, rooting or uprooting is produced from the smallest expression of touch or angle and base position, this we call “Lengket” or sticky. Keeping very close to opponents when striking or using a weapon and putting opponents on “Slywa” or weightless stage of spinal and muscle misalignment. Once rooting takes place, the strike makes massive contact in the body that has no muscle or skeletal protection. “Sambuts” are finishes meaning something very hard to walk away from especially when compression of neck or spine, so finishing means its a done deal. The opposite of that is a “Buang” that stands for throws less devastating in the beginner levels but taught to learn mechanics that in later phases of development of the student or practioner can be modified to “Sambuts” for devastating throws. Compressing skeletal structure, weapons and body structures or striking, grapping defense and offence are all played and studied in our platforms. In this video there's a beginner “Pantjar” platform, also the “Jurus”, which are the playbooks of the system of Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak, are played here. This platform teaches where to be in position to attacker, the platform is 3 dimensional and teaches where opponents body's alignments are the weakest to point of contact the platform. It also teaches how to deal with multiple opponents and space needed, base angle and levers are all play here. Hope you enjoy my small offering into a vast large Art. “Hormat Terima Kasi”.

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