Radikal Curved Strike Shield


62,95 €

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The Radikal Curved Strike Shield has been devised and addressed to the leg striking strength and techniques and it is ready to resist repeated kicks in training up to mid-intensity levels. Its big striking area, curved shape, comfort of handgrips and colorful designs are the ideal complement to train your kicks and start hitting hard.

• PU-Flex coating, more resistant and durable than traditional PU, with a great look.
• Big striking area, 65x40cm, allowing you to kick hard with absolute safety.
• Curved design, filled with a 15cm thick foam padding to enable kicks without shin guard and avoid any injury.
• Lightweight construction and PU protected handgrips maximize comfort and help the partner workout. Handle position allows the strike shield to be worked either vertically or horizontally.
• Zip closure with pockets to avoid the direct contact with the zipper puller for safety.
• Stand out with the daring and vibrant design of the Radikal products, devised to enhance performance and protection in your training at a reduced price level and with multiple color designs and sizes to make the Radikal be your ideal product.