Karate Training Jacket


17,50 €

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Jacket of the Training Karate Gi (#10010) supplied separately to enable additional size and color combinations.
The Training Karate Gi has been conceived to adapt to the demanding pace of the daily training; its pattern has been improved, its new design offers a perfect look and its 9oz 100% cotton fabric provides more resistance, comfort and quality than any other training Karate Gi available on the market. Appropriate for beginners looking for quality, mid-level karatekas and even as a 365 uniform for experienced athletes, the new Training Karate Gi is an unrivaled choice in terms of price and quality.

• 100% cotton jacket to increase comfort and feel on the skin and keep its best look day by day. Wash in cold water to improve its lifetime (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
• 9oz (260g) selected fabric, superior compared to the market standard, for an increased durability, providing necessary lightness for a training uniform, while offering upgraded quality, stiffness and a better look.
• Reinforced on shoulders and sides, in the same way as higher quality uniforms.
• Traditional cut ensuring full range of movement.
• Available in white and black. Versatile and used in multiple styles.