Advantage Breast Protector


35,95 €

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The Advantage Women’s breast protector, designed for competition, increases chest and upper rib cage protection to fight completely safe and confident. Made of a pleasant touch elastic fabric, the flexible hard fiber protector adapts to your movements to offer superior protection to reduce impact forces.

• Bra manufactured of a light polyester and spandex blend fabric. Its fresh elastic fabric guarantees comfort, accurate adjustment of the protector and it adapts to your body without compression.
• Increased protection for your entire breast, upper ribs and sternum.
• Tough, ergonomic and lightweight fiber protector for enhanced shock absorption to resist the most powerful shocks. Holes around the protector allow it to compress while defending yourself.
• Hidden pocket to use the top indistinctly with or without protector and ease its washing.
• Suitable for training and competition of any style at any level, even with the use of weapons.
• Advantage performance: Equipment conceived for competition, adapted to the regulations of the main federations and designed with attention to detail and quality. Victories are easier when you are well equipped.