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DVD Paul Vunak PFS Asymmetrical Violence

Paul Vunak


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Paul Vunak presents "Asymmetrical Violence" in a video which is a prelude to his work during the last 5 years, focusing more on MMA and developing 4 new "RAT" (Rapid Assault Tactics) programs, at the request of several U.S. military agencies. The expression Asymmetric Violence makes reference to the fact that a small entity can defeat a much bigger entity through deception, which, in our case, involves using attacks to the eyes and genitals as well as biting techniques of the Filipino Kino-Mutai system. To increase the chances of success in the reality of the street, you must know however the basics of MMA, Thai-Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as Kali weapons, so as to obtain a perfect flow of natural combat. Then, by adding Asymmetrical Violence, you will have rescaled the sports up to the military version of violence. And we only do it for situations of life or death. Vunak presents in detail a series of new Drills, in which he will progressively introduce new elements, in addition to increasing stress, so as to recreate the same emotional responses as in reality. Get one of the best tournament fighters in the world, that is, a MMA practitioner, then include Asymmetrical Violence (eye gouging, genital attacks and bites), finally add the using of weapons, and you'll have the complete fighter. 65 min.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français