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Vincent Lyn


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Sifu Vincent Lyn, Grand Master and last living heir to the famous Ling Gar style family, presents the first of a series of eight instructional videos focusing on Tai Chi. It shows, with detailed explanations, five forms of different styles of Tai Chi: the Wudang Tai Chi form; a form of the Chinese Ling Gar family style; a Qi Gong form; "The 8 Paths to Enlightenment", also of the family style; and finally a Brother and Sister form that comprises 100 movements, mainly based on the southern style of Choy Li Fut Chinese Kung Fu. The physical fitness obtained through the regular exercise of Tai Chi can gradually improve a bad physical condition. The better you feel, the more you will enjoy practicing Tai Chi and gradually it will become so fun that you will enjoy doing it daily. Tai Chi also has a wonderful healing power. No matter how fast civilization advances and new discoveries are made in the medical field, it will always remain the best recipe for building a healthy body and mind.

56 min. - Languages included in the Video-Download format: English.