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Tenshin-Ryu Hyoho Vol.3


R. Ide & M. Kuwami


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Tenshin-ryu is a complete Martial Art that includes Kenjutsu, So-jutsu, Naginata-jutsu, Kusarigama-jutsu, Yawara-te (Jujutsu) and Hozoin-ryu Kage-ha Jumonji So-jutsu. Because the Samurai were public and not private figures, they had to always be ready to unsheathe the sword and fight at any moment. Therefore, in Tenshin-ryu, we learn Batto-jutsu and Kenjutsu techniques, but it is more important to know how to take control of the battle by taking advantage of enemies, rather than killing them. In the Tenshin-ryu style, different martial disciplines and weapons are used depending on the scenario, such as Yari, Naginata, Tachi and Kusarigama-jutsu. The Tenshin-ryu school also teaches numerous techniques to deceive, although some people think that such techniques go against Bushido, but it goes without saying that the ideal way to be a warrior is to use all means to protect the Peace world. It can be said that Tenshin-ryu is not only a lot of techniques, but also a rare form that has transmitted to our days the "sleeping, getting up, sitting, standing, walking, running", knowledge and etiquette in the life of Samurai warriors. Ryusetsu Ide, 11th Shike, and Masakumo Kuwami, 10th Shike, demonstrate in this series the mastery and quality unique of a school with exceptional roots and category.

VOL.3 contains: Tachiai Battojutsu - Ninotachi Gaeshi, Tonomono (Yari, Naginata & Kusarigama), Yawarate - Taga Hazushi, Mekurabashi, Izarihazushi, Shiza no Kokoroe. 48 Min.

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