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Krav Maga I.M.A.D.S.


Stéphane Denis


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In this first DVD by Krav Maga I.M.A.D.S., entitled "A single defense against different aggressions", Stéphane Denis and his team present a complete panel of pragmatic and expeditious personal defense techniques. All of them without exception illustrate the logical principles of this unique self-defense system that is all the rage today. Throughout the different chapters, the key principles are revealed one by one in a clear and precise way, in the various subjects studied in Krav Maga, such as multidirectional defenses against armed and unarmed attacks. Defenses of third parties, an integral part of our system, are also included. They are presented with different completions, depending on the particular aggression situation. A section of defense against the threat of several attackers is also detailed, so that you get to know the logic of the adoption of measures; in Krav Maga we will opt in this type of dangerous situations by the principle of One against One! Finally, you will discover the use of specific exercises so as to increase the realism of your training sessions, which you can also integrate into your own courses. 61 min.

- Languages included in the Video-Download format: English, Español, Italiano, Français

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