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Kyusho, First Encounter


Gianluca Frisan


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Kyusho is the highest level of expression of any martial art. To understand Kyusho is to understand the knowledge of the reactions of the human body. In this DVD we will analyze the First Encounter, intended as the first analysis of a possible situation of confrontation, and the first evaluation of the possible progressions. We will analyze how Kyusho can help us and, as we know the reactions of the human body, we can reach the closest and most accessible point by anticipating the reactions of the aggressor. We will analyze Kyusho, according to my vision, developed in more than 20 years of practice of this art, but also derived from my experiences in other martial arts, including Ryukyu Kempo, Yoseikan Budo, Kick Boxing & Karate. Kyusho is the "turbocharger" of any technique, which can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our action exponentially. And as the turbo for an engine is a part of a more complex and complete system, Kyusho is a part of any martial art, and can not replace the technical skill of the practitioner but can enhance any and all arts and techinques. Each martial art has its strategy, its principles and its techniques. If we analyze pure Kyusho I need the knowledge of 3 elements: an area to hit, an anatomical weapon to use, and what we call "Force Multipliers" to attack the opponent internally. 63 min.

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