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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2. Sylvio Behring Progressive System


Sylvio Behring


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Master Sylvio Behring once again teaches the secrets of Jiu Jitsu as he demonstrates and teaches the Judo techniques in Jiu Jitsu including basic throws, takedowns, holds and so much more you will be amazed at how much there is to learn from the Master himself. If you want to know the Judo aspects that came from Jiu Jitsu this is the video for you as it is taught by one of the very best instructors in the world today. He is Rio De Janeiro's new Young Gun as his Brazilian Progressive Jiu Jitsu System is consider cutting edge for all those who want the most up to date information.
This video belongs to a set of 6 Jiu Jitsu video's you need to get if your interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the right way from the beginning. Master Sylvio Behring is the new Young Gun from Rio that is setting the world on Fire with his new Progressive Jiu Jitsu System that will teach you a new and easy to follow method of teaching students or military or police. ONLY ENGLISH LANGUAGE