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DVD Kyusho Vitality. 5 Pressure Points for Self Defense and Health

Mark Kline


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When most people hear the word Kyusho, or the words Pressure Points, it is one of two things that come to mind ... Self Defense or a healing modality such as Acupuncture or Massage Therapy. In each instance, they are correct. There are some who focus mostly on the self defense aspect and other whose focus is more into the healing.
I personally know of several people who trained with me and became so excited about manipulating the Pressure Points for self defense that they enrolled in Acupuncture classes, Massage Classes and Chiropractic Classes. Each area of study requires extensive focus on the mechanics of the body and how the practitioner can "assist" the body into healing itself. This is not an end all be all and each patient must be accountable for their health and lifestyle habits. This video will focus on how we can use the same 5 points for both healing and self defense. This is where knowledge of anatomy, basic principles of motion, and developing a sensitive touch come into play.
Pressure Points have multiple uses for both health and self defense and can be a great complement to one another. For each to be effective, the practitioner must develop a quiet, relaxed mind, which can assess each situation to hopefully bring about the result desired. 49 min.

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