Dreamcatcher boots


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Fly, emerge, stand up, get on top while keeping your feet on the ground. Dream. This is what Dreamcatcher inspires and looks for. A shoe conceived both for Boxing and Wrestling. Devised for the champions, those who strongly chase their passion and strive week after week to achieve their goals.Designed to be extraordinarily lightweight, breathable and comfortable and to provide a superior traction. A new legend has just born.

• Lightweight and anatomic construction to get the most out of your footwork during the fighting.
• Low-profile outsole for enhanced traction, molded in strategic areas to allow a smooth foot rotation. Perfect combination between stability and mobility.
• Manufactured of mesh fabric and suede to ensure breathability, comfort and grip to your feet.
• Mid-profile cut for a convenient ankle support.
• Reinforced heel counter to resist any attack of your opponent.
• Multi-surface traction rubber outsole.