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Book Jeet Kune Do


T. Tackett


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The essence of the lessons of Bruce Lee frequently have been badly interpreted. It is a car to that many scored and the majority with few foundations; a drawer of tailor where everything fitted, because the own Sigung Lee left it to means to do with its early death. Nevertheless it was much what it was outlined, and not little what left structured; the bases of all this constitute an incredible called legacy “Jeet Kune do”, the way of the intercepting fist. It is certain that many people inspired by Bruce Lee followed ways soon own, ways that being begun in the Jet Kune Do, left properly after being Jet Kune Do. For that reason to enter us in the essential keys of this legacy, we must go to people really trained and informed, as the author of this book, Tim Tackett, advisor of the Foundation Bruce Lee, and recognized international professor - BOOK LANGUAGE: ENGLISH