Wooden Weapons & Training
Weapons for the practice of Kobudo, Aikido, Arnis Kali Eskrima, or Self Defense. Bokken, Tanto, Bo, Jo, Kodachi, Shinai, Kyudo Bows, Kali, rubber weapons - Shipping to all countries.

Wooden Weapons & Training  


  • Kyudo Equipment & Bows
    Kyujutsu bows, Kyudo equipment, Chinese bows, gloves, Makiwara Kyudo, arrows and gloves. Martial Arts Supplies & Weapons Store. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Bokken Kodachi Tanto...
    Bokken, Tanto, Suburi Bokken, Kodachi, Kyudo and Kyujutsu bows, Chinese Bow, Tsuba, Shinai Kendo. Martial Arts Supplies, Uniforms & Weapons Online Store - Shipping to all countries.
  • Japanese wooden...
    Bokken, Shinai, Bo, Jo, Tanto, Packs of japanese wooden weapons, scabbards. Martial Arts Gear, Uniforms & Weapons Online Store. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Weapons sheathes
    Sheathes, scabbards, bags & cases for Martial Arts weaponry, Bokken, Bo, Jo, Kali, Katana. Martial Arts Gear, Uniforms & Weapons. - Shipping to all countries.