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Aikido & Kendo
Clothing for Aikido, Aiki Jujutsu, Kendo and other arts. Hakama, Obi, Kendo Keikogi, jackets, full Kendo armors, helmet, gloves, bag and Tenugi - Shipping to all countries.

Aikido & Kendo 


  • Keiko-gi and jackets
    Keikogi Kendo uniform jacket, Aikido uniforms & jackets. Martial Arts Gear, Uniforms & Weapons. Online Store Budo International. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Kendo
    Kendo full armours, Bogu equipment, Men, Kote, Tenugi, Obi & armour bag. Martial Arts Supplies, Uniforms & Weapons online shop. - Shipping to all countries.
  • Hakama
    Aikido Hakamas, Kendo Hakama uniforms. Black, blue, white, cotton or polyester rayon. Martial Arts Gear & Uniforms Online Store - Shipping to all countries.